Pumpkins smash local windows

By Dave Gomez

An unknown number of suspects vandalized several DeKalb homes and windows with pumpkins and gourds late Tuesday night.

Police received reports from the 800 block of North 14th Street and the 500 block of North Sixth Street within minutes of each other.

In each case, residents reported hearing a crash and finding that a small pumpkin or gourd had been thrown at the home and had damaged a screen or window.

At least one window was broken at 827 N. 14th St., resulting in $25 worth of damage. At 541 N. Sixth St., another window was broken; also resulting in $25 worth of damage.

Fingerprint tests at the scenes turned up negative results, police said.

DeKalb police Lt. Jim Kayes said that although it is difficult to catch offenders, the Halloween season is more sedated than it used to be.

Pumpkin-smashings have become less common than they once were, he said.

“[It’s] really not problematic,” Kayes said.