Homosexuals deserve chance to repent

By Nick Arhos

The Associated Press reported Sunday that a “coalition of conservative New England Episcopalians … split from the national church, forming four new congregations in part because of last year’s consecration of a gay bishop,” the now infamous Gene Robinson.

On Monday night, The AP reported that an Anglican Church commission in London advised the U.S. Episcopal Church “not … to elect any more gay bishops.”

Many see this as the time for the wheat to be separated from the chafe.

The new and still small conservative branch of the Anglican Church needs to shake off the dust of all of this controversy over a gay priest becoming a bishop, open up their arms in love to all (including gays) around America and let the sect of apostates that follow Gene Robinson rot from within their church walls.

I’m not “anti-Gene Robinson,” but it’s understandable to me why Bible-believing Christians are opposed to having an unrepentant, openly gay shepherd leading their church.

The Bible clearly declares that homosexuality is a sin, just as it declares that murder and adultery are sins.

“Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable,” states Leviticus 18:22, one of many passages describing homosexuality as a sin.

So the reasoning behind this schism generated by conservative Episcopalian is justified.

But their actions may be painted by liberals as being harsh towards gays – the last image that the church should allow to be conveyed. It is important not to alienate homosexuals from the church, for they, too, are God’s children.

I rarely talk about my faith, since it is something very personal to me. But I know my faith revolves around one word: “love.” And as romantic as I am, I, like most, have a long way to go still to fully live out this one, very powerful word. Conservative Christians have to make a point of showing their love by inviting everyone into their pews, including homosexuals.

The church first must acknowledge that homosexuals have the freedom to choose their lifestyle. If they want to be gay, let them be gay!

But inform them that they are ignorant if they think that they are solid believers in the Bible’s words while unrepentantly living the homosexual lifestyle.

Now, God loves homosexuals as much as he loves any of us. It’s the act that He detests.

Moreover, like all of us, homosexuals should have equal opportunity to discover that they are sinners and have the opportunity to repent.

Thus, although the schism in the Anglican Church is courageous and commendable, conservative Anglicans, as well as all other conservative Christians from various denominations, must make it clear that “love” is their theme and not let the left paint them as “bigots” and “gay-bashers.”

Like Elton John sings, “I believe in love, it’s all we’ve got … everything crumbles, sooner or later, but love, I believe in love … !”

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