SA job opens, CAB offices filled

By Sara Adams

The Campus Activities Board, the student organization responsible for programming campus entertainment, has a new president and vice president of finance.

Matt Holder, former vice president of programming, was elected president Tuesday, after CAB coordinators picked through the applicants. The vice president of finance position was filled by Erin Thomas, a junior accountancy major and the vice president of the Rhythm Nation Dance student organization.

Holder said he has been acting as the organization’s treasurer, president and vice president of programming this year. He said he had a lot of ideas for CAB he would like to see implemented, including a suggestion box on campus for students to give their ideas to CAB and a president’s council.

“Each organization could send their president to a meeting a couple times a month to let people know about their events,” Holder said.

This would also make programming with other organizations easier, he said.

Some of Holder’s new responsibilities as president include being a liaison for CAB, sitting in on various meetings, meeting with the SA when necessary and being a resource for other members of CAB.

Thomas’ new responsibilities as the vice president of finance will be going over the budget with the coordinators, compiling the budgets and presenting and defending them to the SA for approval.

“I’m very interested in where students’ funds go, and I think this position is the best way to see where the money goes,” Thomas said.

Thomas also said she has new ideas and new ways to budget and save money so more goals can be accomplished.

“[Thomas] was chosen because of her excellent knowledge of budgets and accountancy,” said Jen Suerth, CAB travel coordinator. “She is very charismatic and articulate. We were impressed greatly by her interview.”

Applications for Holder’s former position, vice president of programming, will be taken through Oct. 18. Interviews for the position will be on Oct. 25.

“The vice president of programming’s job is to oversee the internal workings of the office,” Holder said. “They also make sure everything runs smoothly and assume any staff positions that may be vacant as far as coordinators go.”

Experience for the position is not necessary but is preferred. Application forms are available at the CAB office in the Campus Life Building, Suite 160.