NIU extreme makeover: One room in Douglas

By Sara Adams

Three NIU sophomores decided their drab Douglas Hall room needed some serious sprucing up.

When business communication major Megan Koehler, athletic training major Jenna Steffen and dance major Kelley Gloor moved into their room, they were greeted with a typical sight: plain white walls, cold tile flooring and fluorescent lighting.

The ladies had been planning to dabble on their bare canvas long before they had moved in. Steffen and Koehler have been roommates since freshman year, and when they met Gloor, who lived two doors down, they decided they needed a triple room.

One thing they wanted was a lot of floor space, so they put the heads of their bunk beds in one of the closets. Then they left the pull-out bed as a couch and lofted their other bed.

The floor space is one of Steffen’s favorite things.

“There is so much sitting room in here,” Steffen said. “We were watching a movie the other night, and it was so nice because no one had to sit on their bed.”

The ladies also changed the lighting in their room.

“We hate florescent lights, so we live with the lamps on,” Steffen said.

The girls have lamps placed in various parts of the room to give the room a homey glow, Koehler said.

“We strive for cozy,” Koehler said.

The trio also decided to put all of their clothes in one closet and use the other strictly for coats and shoes.

“It’s nice to have a place to hang guests’ coats,” Koehler said.

Other things the girls did to add creative touches to their room include covering the provided bulletin boards with tissue paper, covering the “couch” and chairs with bright orange sheets and putting carpet on the floor.

The room also has another feature that unites the roommates.

“We figured we all have pictures of friends back home, but we have one wall dedicated to the friends we have made at school.”

The girls bought most of their residence hall decorations at Wal-Mart and IKEA.

Minor decorations aside, Student Housing and Dining Services has guidelines for making over the rooms.

Blenders, space heaters, George Foreman grills, plastic garbage cans, neon signs, two-prong extension chords, candles and incense are not allowed in the residence halls, said Brian Lanners, a junior accounting major and a Douglas Hall community adviser.

SHDS and the CAs have more information on what student can and cannot do to their rooms.