Plan commission puts building to city council for design approval

By Nina Gougis

Businesses on South Fourth Street could expect a new neighbor, pending a decision from the DeKalb City Council.

The plan, if approved, would allow the construction of an office building for Ken Spears Construction on 838 S. Fourth St.

After more than a month of revisions to the building plan, the few DeKalb plan commission members present decided to move the issue along to the city council with a 2-1 decision.

The commission wanted to limit the amount of steel and increase the amount of brick or other masonry material to improve the overall look of the building.

The commission recommended that the sides most visible from Illinois Route 23, including the north, south and west sides, be composed of brick or other masonry material and wood.

They also recommended that no corrugated steel be used for any of the sides and that the east side be composed of smooth steel.

Plan chair Rich Fassig and member Vincent Frye agreed to the revised plan.

Fassig said that owner Ken Spears has been considerate to comply with the commission’s requests.

Commissioner John Guio did not agree to the revisions. He said more thought needs to be put into the look of the building since it is located next to a major highway.

Spears said that although the commission’s requests will increase the price of the building, he is willing to work with the council to reach a compromise.