Hot tub and volleyball make crib cool

Matt Knutson

From MTV to NIU, Cribs is in the house… literally.

Throughout the semester Sweeps will delve into the dopest domiciles that NIU students inhabit.

This week we visited the home of NIU students Adam Stavros, Jason Wheeler, Dave Janczewski and James Grahovac and found that it housed some phat features.

The Rec Room:

The basement features a full bar with neon signs, a fog machine and a slate-bed pool table that came with the house.

“It is basically the chill room where we can watch TV, listen to music and do whatever you feel like doing,” Janczewski said.

Even though the house is nice, living in the lap of luxury can sometimes be counterproductive.

“Sometimes it is a distraction having the hot tub and the volleyball court when you are trying to do schoolwork,” Stavros said.

The Hot Tub:

The hot tub, located right off the elevated deck, seats eight people and keeps guests warm when the weather gets frigid.

“Whenever we have parties, it is really fun – especially in the winter when people come over,” Janczweski said. “It will be freezing outside and we’ll all just be like ‘let’s go into the hot tub.’ We got the hot tub because my family was getting a new one back home.”

The Volleyball Court:

The house features a regulation-size lit sand volleyball court.

“My cousin put up the volleyball net when he was living here and a friend of his works for a construction company, so he was able to get us the sand,” said Stavros, a senior business management major.

The court gets used the most after a long night out.

“It’s the best when you come back from the bars and everyone wants to get a game going,” said senior finance major Janczewski.

The Harleys

Stavros and Wheeler can often be seen cruising around campus on two Harley Davidson Sportsters.

“We are out riding every nice day,” Stavros said. “It is so convenient taking a motorcycle to class.”

Location: DeKalb

Bedrooms: Five

Baths: Two

Rent: $320/person without utilities

Features: Hot tub, lit beach volleyball court and full rec room with pool table

Rides: Two Harley Sportsters