Floor hits the party scene

Casey Toner

Cara’s Big Game

Big game for NIU Sept. 11. Bigger game for Cara Zamora, a freshman special education major.

The fight between two Illinois slacker schools, NIU and Southern Illinois University, kicks off the Huskies’ home schedule.

Three weeks or so before game time, Zamora started practicing trumpet with NIU’s marching band.

“We’re all excited about this show because we’re doing very well so far,” Zamora said.

Zamora will storm the field during halftime. Look for her in the fray; the blond-haired, brown-eyed trumpeter is part of the “U” in the NIU march formation.

“It’s gonna be a really neat rush to be in front of all those fans,” Zamora said.

The Greek Scene

On the weekend, hordes of people invade Greek Row for parties. Trolling for recruits, fraternities and sororities are quick to invite strangers in for a cold cup of brew and a grand time. Sophomore accounting major Jollene Wick spent Thursday night – the only “weekend” night she spent at school – dancing with the Skulls and Sammys.

That scene is so different, so wild, she said.

“Out there [it’s] a lot more outgoing and happy,” Wick said. “There’s more energy being generated when you’re out with a group of people having fun.”

Too much energy to ever commit seriously to rushing.

“When you’re in class, you gotta be quiet and pay attention,” Wick said. “On your floor you have to be at a certain level. You can’t be obnoxious and loud.”

But for what it’s worth, Wick enjoyed herself – if only for one totally fratastic night.

All Quiet on the 403 Front

The roommate situation looks good for Sarah Trilling, a freshman elementary education major. Trilling said her roommate Wick has defied the roommate from hell anecdotes we have all either heard about or endured. Like roommates who practice Neo-Nazism or roommates who smell like skunk’s butt, yet still refuse to bow to the hygienic marvels of deodorant.

Nope. Not here. Not in room 403.

“When you live with a person all the time, you’ll make each other angry, but you’ll tolerate it because you have to live with the person,” Trilling said. “With her, I really haven’t had any disagreements.”

Perhaps Trilling just has the benefit of an affable personality. She said her social side could punch a six-foot hole through the Berlin Wall.

That helps too. Especially when you live clustered together in a 12-square-foot clamshell.