CAB situation

By Janet Rodriguez

I’d like to begin by clarifying a few things regarding the CAB situation

that I hope will answer some of your questions.

The SA did not reach inside the CAB organization to fix internal issues.

The elected CAB officers filed a complaint to the SA Supreme Court. Once a

complaint is filed, the SA is obligated to respond. The complaint was based

on the following

1. The current CAB administration was spending money from next years budget

without the consent of the officers that were elected to serve next year and

has refused to show the contracts to the new officers until the plans were


2. The current CAB administration revamped the CAB constitution to take away

powers from the executives and rerouted these powers to the staff.

3. The current CAB administration appointed all the staff for next years

administration without the consent of the elected CAB officers. Some of the

current officers (including officers that lost the CAB election) appointed

themselves to serve on next years administration without the consent of the

newly elected officers.

In response, Chief Justice Eric Johnson exercised his right to place an

injunction on CAB that would freeze all activity and dissolve any new

constitution until this issue was resolved or until a hearing was possible.

CAB did not comply by the deadline, so I exercised my authority to suspend

CAB for not complying with the injunction.

Further, the role of Rick Clark and several of his staff people is to advise

SA & CAB. It is not their role to made decisions on either organizations

behalf. Rick and members of UP&A, do not have the authority to veto or

“disallow” the decisions of either organization unless there are university

policies being violated. He has clearly overstepped his boundaries and has

created an atmopshere that is hostile and intimating for both the incoming

CAB executives and the SA.

The incoming CAB officers want what any organization on campus is entitled


a) the ability to select its own staff

b) the ability to do thier own programming

c) have access to resources that will allow them to do the work that the

campus has selected them to do.

Overall, Rick Clark, Lesley Clemens, and Mary Tosch have created an

atmosphere that has literally made it impossible to effectively do the job

that the student body has elected them to do. They have

1. enforced policies that do not exist

2. claimed authority that they do not have

3. made decisions for use of student fees without the consent of the new


4. denied them the right to appoint their own staff

5. Refused to include the new officers on pending contracts that would

effect their term.

The SA owes it to the student body to not allow the UP&A office overtake the

CAB or SA. These are student organizations, financed with student fees, and

the officers were elected by the student body. Rick and his department are

here to advise, not dictate student business. We plan to go the distance to

ensure that student organizations are treated fairly without exception.

For the record, the Supreme Courts decision is still in effect.