Giving Women Help & Support

By Nina Gougis

Helping women in the community is what the We Care Pregnancy Center is all about, said Katie Mehne, executive director of the non-profit organization.

The organization helps women make the often-difficult decisions that accompany an unplanned pregnancy by providing them with educational information about all available options, including adoption, abortion and parenting.

Being fully informed of all available options, Mehne said, can help women make a more informed decision they will be less likely to regret in the future.

“If you have never been in that situation, you have no idea what resources are available to you,” Mehne said.

The center also offers a number of free services, including pregnancy testing, peer counseling, infant clothing and social support groups.

The Moms Care Club, which provides baby-sitters while the mothers attend parenting classes, is one of the groups affiliated with the center.

These services are available to anyone in need, regardless of age. Since it is not a government agency, there are no financial criteria to meet in order to receive help, Mehne said.

She also said knowing what resources are available can help make it easier for college women to continue their education despite the psychological and emotional stresses of parenting.

The organization raises money through donations from churches and individuals in the community. In addition, three fund-raisers are held annually, including the March for Life-sponsored walk on May 15.

Cris Grant, a counselor at the center, experienced an unplanned pregnancy when she was a teen. She said it was a stressful time for her, although she had the support of her family and boyfriend.

“Back then, I felt very much alone,” Grant said.

Grant said she has enjoyed being able to relate to and help others in her 18 months volunteering for the center.

“The most important thing we have is hope,” Grant said. “The ability to share that with someone can be very uplifting.”

To make an appointment with a counselor or for more information, call 748-4242 or visit