Who met who?

By Karina Brown

Rosetta Parker, a junior child development major, met R. Kelly.

“I went to see my boyfriend playing basketball, and he was playing with R. Kelly — my boyfriend is friends with R. Kelly. I introduced myself, and he asked how old I was because he thought I was really young. I told him I was in school and he thought that was cool. He’s cool.”

Vicki Choukarov, a freshman English major, ran into Anna Kournikova.

“I was in Detroit for my brother’s hockey game, and the Red Wings were there signing autographs. Well, while my bother was talking to Sergei Fedorov (Kournikova’s boyfriend), Anna was in the car waiting for him. She is apparently really impatient because she kept on honking her horn and screaming. She said, ‘Hurry up! We don’t have time for this!’ Only it was in Russian, and my family speaks Russian. My mom went over and told her in Russian, ‘Don’t you have any respect? [My son] is just a little kid.’ She was completely shocked.”

Mike Celis, a freshman political science major, met Colin Powell.

“I was doing a security job for Colin Powell in Madrid, Spain, and after he was done talking to the Spanish prime minister and the Russian foreign minister, he said to me, ‘You’re doing a great job, son.’ I was completely honored. I admire him so much.”

Nicole Carreno, a senior English major, met Christina Aguilera.

“I was at this club, Zero Gravity, and Christina Aguilera was there to perform. I was up on those little platforms, and she was up there as well, and she kept calling up guys (even though she was supposed to call up everyone). She said hi to me but pretty much ignored anyone who wasn’t a guy. And I just remember thinking, “God, she’s so tiny! She looks like a little girl in heels, and she’s older than me!”

Bill Rogalla, a senior history major, met Jared Leto.

“I was at the Sevendust concert and Jared Leto’s band was opening, and while he was performing, he came out into the audience. Well, the guy standing next to me pushed him, and when he got back on the stage, he looked at that guy really meanly as he was singing. After the show, my friend and I were hanging out, and Jared walks up to me and side shoulders me and asks, ‘Is there something you want to say that you couldn’t say before?’ He must have thought that I was the guy next to me. So I lied and said, ‘No sir, you were awesome.’ He was completely shocked because I called him sir. I thought that was awesome. I still think he sucks.”