13 Going on 30

By Karina Brown

In “13 Going on 30,” Jennifer Garner makes puberty look appealing.

-It’s easy to see why any post-pubescent adult would have reservations about seeing any movie that A) involves “wishing sparkles” as a critical plot device, B) teaches teens the nauseatingly saccharin concept of self-confidence and C) features the musical stylings of Pat Benatar. However, D) all of the above doesn’t detract from a film that magically finds a way to please all audiences. Well, at least female audiences.

Older audience members no doubt will feel nostalgic for the 1980s when following Jenna, a 13-year-old outcast, through her typical, traumatic junior high troubles. All the popular kids, “the Six Chicks,” wear bright lipstick, high side ponytails and the hottest L.A. Gear tennis shoes. Jenna aspires to be one of them.

After feeling disappointed with her life and wishing she was “Thirty, Flirty and Thriving” (a fashion section in her favorite magazine, “Poise”), she instantly ends up in a lavish New York apartment working for Poise — 17 years in the future. All of this with the help of some magic sparkles, of course.

If it feels like you saw this movie before, then you most likely saw “Big.” However, this movie differs slightly. Instead of showing how the “grown-up life” is completely different from the “kid life,” it focuses on how the grown-up life can be just like the kid life.

To truly enjoy the movie, one should sit back and suspend reality. Although parts of the plot deal with real dilemmas and understandable internal conflicts, the movie primarily relies on the concept of “what if” — and that is entertaining.

Jennifer Garner captivates the audience with her effervescent and naive personality, adding an element of fun in a situation that otherwise would be frightening.

After watching Garner, 13- year-olds would love to have her as a baby-sitter, and 30-year-olds would love to have her thighs. Mark Ruffalo also does an excellent job at being the attractive, sensitive, down-to-earth guy most girls dream of.

From dancing to “Thriller” to hosting pajama parties, Jennifer Garner proves that girls just wanna have fun.