Sycamore City Council examines FY2005 budget

By Libby John

The Sycamore City Council discussed the fiscal year 2004-’05 city budget Monday.

The FY2005 budget is about $25 million and includes all of the city’s operating, enterprise, special, capital and bond funds.

About $5 million will be used for large infrastructure, and about $8.8 million is the operating budget. That figure will be used for things like the police and fire departments and public works, City Manager Bill Nicklas said.

No new taxes or fees are proposed in the budget.

The council will vote on the budget at the April 19 meeting.

The council also recognized the March 16 referendum on growth. The referendum stated that 1,879 voters wanted growth in Sycamore to slow down.

Nicklas said the council just wanted to show that they recognized what the voters wanted.

The council voted to authorize Mayor John Swedberg to sign an agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation for federal participation in the Bethany Road reconstruction project.

The amount of the agreement is $1.5 million.

The council also approved to use about $1.8 million in state motor fuel tax funds and $420,000 in local funds for the project.

Swedberg said the project should take about two years to complete and will open up room for good commercial development.