Rezoning petition forwarded to city council

By Nina Gougis

The DeKalb Plan Commission approved a petition Wednesday to be passed to the DeKalb City Council to rezone five acres along East Lincoln Highway for the addition of 170 self-storage facilities.

The petition will be proposed to the city council May 10.

If approved, James Kaelin, owner of DeKalb Florist & Greenhouse, 2131 E. Lincoln Highway, will continue to use the floral shop and construct the storage units on the north corner of the property.

After City Manager Mark Biernacki’s request to review additional considerations, the commission passed the petition 5-0 with additional landscaping requirements to improve the attractiveness of the property.

Principal Planner Russ Farnum said the landscaping requirements were important because the DeKalb Florist & Greenhouse is in a heavily trafficked area.

“Since it is along a major intersection, we really feel we need to make it highly attractive,” Farnum said.

Russ Vickery from Wick Buildings agreed with the new requirements but said he wanted to move forward with the project without further delay.

“We feel that this latest input best suits the needs of the site and helps improve its overall view,” Vickery said.

Kaelin also agreed with the additional landscaping requirement. It will help improve the visibility of the property, he said.

“We think they will be a good additive to the whole community and enhance the beauty of the buildings,” Kaelin said.