Bus shelter option explored

By Jessica Kalin

Greek Row students soon may be sheltered from the weather while waiting for Huskie Buses.

Bus shelters for the area may go up in time for the 2004-’05 school year.

The Community Development Department is working with the Student Association, NIU Bus Service, Metropolitan Planning Organization, the city of DeKalb and the Greek Row Revitalization Task Force to build shelters on Greek Row.

“We are talking about the possibility of the shelters for the fall 2004 school year,” Community Services Planner Sue Guio said.

The department wants to coordinate with the groups to save money and help with the development of Greek Row.

First Ward Alderman Karega Harris said the groups still are seeking funding for the project.

The bus shelters would stand in current bus stops.

“We want students to return to the shelters [in the fall] in time for inclement weather,” Guio said.

The department wants to address the need for shelters in a variety of areas around the city, Guio said. Because of the increasing number of families around NIU, she said there is a need for a wider distribution of transportation and shelters.

The beautification of Greek Row is a concern of the Student Association’s Transportation Services, said Adam Novotney, SA director of Governmental Affairs.

“Anything is feasible. We want Greek Row to look nicer and have better facilities, like the bus shelters,” Novotney said.

Novotney said they have not determined how much the project will cost.

“We are still in the early early planning stages,” he added.

He said they also are looking into various beautification grants.