No “superior races”

On Tuesday, April 20, Wendy Arquilla’s article (“A world gone off the deep end”) appeared in The Northern Star (along with an attached cartoon by Greg Barrington). Wendy’s article got me to thinking about people who think they are the superior race, and everyone else is inferior. I think that there is no such thing as a superior race.

How can people call themselves “the superior race” when they (like everyone else) are vulnerable to the forces of nature, guilt, war, and death?

Are so-called “superior races” better than everyone else? No, nobody can be better than everyone else at everything (too much pressure to do that anyway).

Are so-called “superior races” (or all of us for that matter) better than the animals on earth? Animals kill for food. People kill for land, money, drugs, power, domination, and religion.



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