Summer job fair sees low turnout


Although the turnout for Wednesday’s 1993 Job Location and Development Summer Employment Fair could have been better, most who attended took advantage of the annual display of jobs.

The fair, held in the Duke Ellington Ballroom of the Holmes Student Center, gave students the opportunity to meet with employers ranging from temporary services to summer camps from all over the Midwest and northern Illinois community.

Anastasia Walker, coordinator of NIU’s Job Location and Development Center, was disappointed about the low student turnout. “I was disappointed that the students let the weather get in the way of getting a job,” she said.

Of the students that did attend, some were disappointed with what the fair had to offer. Sophomore pre-accounting major Sean Parnell said, “It was just a lot of temporary services. You can find those in the phone book.”

Dave Banas, a freshman political science major, said, “I was surprised at all the helpfulness, but there were too many camps. I was expecting more big names. I probably won’t come back next year,” he said.

However, not all responses were negative. Junior physics major Saul Vesonder said, “There are a lot of good job opportunities and a wide range of availability. It’s good for people with or without a lot of qualifications.”

Freshman pre-business major Julianna Alitto said she found the job fair very helpful. “There is such a large variety that it’s easy to find something I’m interested in.”

Steve Hake Atwood, a representative from the Rockford Outdoor Adventure Program, said he believed the date of the fair was too late for most camps looking for summer help. “Most camps want to have filled all their positions by now, but this is good for a camp who has 27 out of 30 positions to fill as something to fall back on.”

Randy Fleisher, a representative from Camp Thunderbird, also said the fair should be held earlier in the year. “It would also be helpful if some of the colleges in the area would arrange a circuit for the fair to go around so we aren’t always traveling back and forth from home,” he said

Andrew Van der Burgt, a representative from College Pro Home Painters, said, “The weather may have held back a little, but we get more applicants every year we come here and this one was no exception.”

Sharon Lacy, a representative from Nesco Service Company, said the low turnout didn’t affect her progress. “The students kept us moving along pretty smoothly. It’s better not to be mobbed. I had a good time.”