Wanna be Univ.

I think Pres. La Tourette and Sen. Burzynski are just a couple of wanna-be’s. They want to be associated with University of Illinois (U of I) and not with all the less looked upon state schools such as SIU.

I “wanna be like Mike,” but I’m not changing my name to Michael Jordan thinking that it will improve my ability to play basketball.

Here is a suggestion, why not make our name so it can be associated with all the elite schools in Illinois. Take the University of Illinois, Northwestern, and University of Chicago and put them all together and you get…

University of Northwest Illinois near Chicago.

So I suggest to Pres. La Tourette and Sen. Burzynski that if they wanna be like U of I—pack your bags and get on the next bus for Champaign-Urbana.