Things to know

Not so long ago I read: “Have you ever considered running for public office? Most of us haven’t. Who needs the grief?” “But for the most part, when it comes to local offices, it’s just a matter of some caring people willing to share some of their time to see something get accomplished.”

As of late, I have noticed a trend in the local press. It seems that editorials are abounding about how the candidates are not talking issues, only “Trading barbs” and/or “Slinging mud”. One paper goes so far as to warn the voters—”Don’t let some of the political antics that surface steer you away from the real issues.” It is even the very same person who writes: “… politicians and newspaper people are both human. It’s that human element that sometimes complicates what could be relatively simple situations.”

There have even been “sidewalk interviews” in which some citizens basically say: Take care of the big things!; watch tax dollars; run the election with honesty and integrity!; and someone even suggested teamwork! WOW, what a concept! As a voter I have often said the same things! And I too was frustrated by the lack of discussion on issues, but now I see if from a different perspective. I think I understand a MAJOR problem with the system.

I completely understand the frustration of the voters, but not the journalists. It is easy for the press to complain about the lack of discussion on the issues, but I have a serious question for you. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE YOU HAVE READ ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE CANDIDATES???? All that is printed is negative garbage—AND IT MAKES THE FRONT PAGE!!!

Why haven’t the newspapers printed maps of the wards so you know who to watch? Why haven’t they told you who moved just to run for office? Who is living in DeKalb permanently and who isn’t? Why haven’t they printed who is going to the meetings and who isn’t? Why didn’t they tell you who went to the candidate orientation meeting and who didn’t? Or, who left the orientation meeting over an hour early? Or which candidate didn’t even know that DeKalb has an ambulance service, not just a fire engine? Aren’t these important things that you want to know?

As a voter, I would want to know. I would want to know the motivation and commitment level of each candidate. As a candidate I know the answers to these questions, but I have no way to bring them up. Some affect me as a candidate, some don’t—but they all effect everyone in DeKalb, registered to vote or not. It’s up to the press to let you know. They control the bull. Er—I mean—bull by the horns!