Try precycling

A new concept was introduced to me on the topic of recycling. As a communications student, I do not learn about our environment unless it involves the media. The concept I recently learned about is precycling.

Today, many individuals are concerned about recycling. We do our best to recycle our plastic, paper and aluminum. By recycling products we are helping to preserve and improve our environment, but we could be doing more with little effort.

Precycling is a mode of thought one adopts in order to consciously purchase products based on their durability and means of packaging. As consumers, we should try to purchase products which are already packaged in recycled material or to buy products which can be refilled, such as many household cleaners. By precycling we could reduce our consumption of excess materials and cut our household garbage by 20 percent.

There are three facts to consider when practicing precycling. First, look for products with the least amount of packaging. Second, look for products that are packaged in recyclable materials (cardboard, paper, glass, tin and aluminum). And third, buy recycled packaging.

If all people try to practice precycling, we can increase the effectiveness of recycling as well. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve our earth so that future generations will have a beautiful place to live. I urge everyone to do their part in recycling AND precycling.