Going home? Beter luck next year

By Amy Armalis

Spring break is nearly upon us and while arrangements already have been made, you always can plan ahead for next year. All you need to know are your options.

The popular places for travel? Cancun, Mexico, to name a few. Sandy beaches, warm weather, strangers in summer clothes and foreign languages and don’t forget about the accents.

A travel agency’s typical getaway package usually includes airfare and hotels, with variances beyond that. Some packages are all-inclusive, which means any taxes on travel, hotels, food, drinks (alcoholic and other) and gratuity are covered with your initial payment. Others cover just food, while some offer additional packages for admittance to particular parties and gatherings where drinks may or may not be included.

Royal Travel and Tours, Inc., 331 W. State St., Sycamore, sets up packages for spring breakers using Internet resources. Some of the most popular Mexico arrangements are Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. These packages are all-inclusive.

Florida is a popular destination, more specifically Daytona Beach and Panama City, according to the agency. But these packages only include airfare and lodging. Additional arrangements are left to the traveler.

What about snow? Traveling north could have you in a whole mess of the white stuff, but it wouldn’t be to clear off your car in sub-zero temperatures.

Pennsylvania-based Ski and Sand Travel, Inc. offers numerous packages for ski holidays in Mont Sutton, Quebec, Canada. Lodging is available for two to eight persons, with options for a chalet condominium, mountainside condos or one of two hotels located within 10 minutes of ski lifts.

The ski trips are for five days with five-day ski-lift tickets and five days of activities – including live music, cafes, nightclubs and a set party schedule.

And don’t forget about travel survival tips. The Associated Press suggests patience with any language barriers. The AP also recommends to stay in groups and be careful about alcohol intake and any possible alcohol-related injuries.

If you encounter any legal issues, contact the American Embassy. To prevent any problems, “familiarize yourself with local laws and customs. While in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws,” according to the “Travel Tips for Students” brochure, issued by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.