Cruisin’ the fast lane

By Tyler Vincent

South Annie Glidden Road, a road familiar to almost every NIU student who ventures to and from Interstate 88, may be in line for a speed reduction.

The DeKalb City Council will vote at its Tuesday meeting to lower certain stretches of the road to as low as 40 mph.

The speed zone changes would go into place on south Annie Glidden Road between the railroad overpass and Bellevue Drive.

Under the proposed ordinance, speeds will be reduced to 40 mph just north of Knoll’s Avenue North Road to just south of Highpointe Drive. A 45-mph speed limit would then be placed just south of Highpointe and Bellevue drives.

The stretch of road, which is less than two miles, would reduce the speed limit by 5 mph in some areas. The proposal would call for a switch between 40 and 45 mph two times before reaching the tollway.

This ordinance first was proposed in response to complaints from local residents, headed by Tom Spect, who circulated a petition that was signed by about 170 other residents concerned about safety in that stretch of Annie Glidden Road.

A speed study, which is designed to study different locations depending on such factors as speed, area development and how many driveways are present, of South Annie Glidden Road was taken in August by city engineers. Assistant city engineer Joel Mauer said 85 percent of the vehicles traveling through the stretch that would be impacted by the speed change were going 45 mph or below.

Mauer pointed out in a memo to city manager Jim Connors that the warrants were not met for the proposed lowered speed limits based on the criteria set out by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Various aldermen on the city council, including 5th Ward. Ald. Patrick Conboy, have expressed their support of the ordinance.

If the ordinance passes, enforcement will not begin until 10 days later.