Council votes for funds

By Tyler Vincent

The DeKalb City Council will vote tonight on a resolution that would allow Mayor Greg Sparrow to sign a funding agreement with the state of Illinois to assist in the Taylor Street Bridge Replacement Project.

The agreement would call for the state to invest $640,000 to help the city with the cost of replacing the current Taylor Street Bridge with a new, four-lane bridge with sidewalks on both sides. The project also will include the completion of the fourth lane just east of the bridge, which, according to a memorandum from assistant city engineer Joel Maurer to city manager Jim Connors, is the south curb lane east of Glidden Avenue. Maurer said they found the bridge in need of enlargement after the county-wide floodplain was remapped in 2000, and the bridge needed a larger opening to pass the updated flood flows.

The city currently is set to submit a bid of about $1.2 million to execute the plan. The total estimated cost is broken down into $1.2 million for project construction with contingency and $90,000 for construction engineering services. The $640,000 that the city hopes to get would reduce the overall total that it owes to $650,000. The addition of a potential $115,000 in Illinois First Legislative Funds would bring the overall total to $535,000.

Maurer’s memo indicated the city would budget the funds through capital improvement accounts, which would complete the aspects of constructions and inspection.

The city council will meet at 7 p.m. today at the DeKalb Municipal Building, 200 South Fourth St.