Pumpkins on parade

By Talesha Herbert

Tina Cliffe, a Sycamore resident for 22 years, enjoyed decorated pumpkins and the parade at the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival for the last time this year with her 15-month old daughter.

“We’re moving out-of-state so this is probably the last time we will be here,” she said.

Cliffe was excited about this year’s 40th- anniversary celebration, themed “40 Years of Pumpkin Magic.”

The Marine Corps is one of many leagues invited every year to participate in the parade held during the festival.

“I’m more than happy to come out here and work with the community to show our strength,” said Sgt. Brian McNichols, a member of the Marine Corps in Joliet.

McNichols, along with 15 other Marines, was dressed in uniform, “hoping to recruit younger Marines,” he said.

The Elderly Care Services, located at 330 Grove Street in DeKalb, joined other organizations at the festival. Their programs work to help caregivers with the growing population of the elderly.

Area firefighters also came to the festival to enjoy the event, but for the most part to be present “in case of an emergency,” Sycamore firefighter Lieutenant Tal Hickey said.