Road work wraps up

By Tyler Vincent

For those who have grown weary of the extensive road construction on Interstate 88, relief may be on the way next month.

According to the Illinois Tollway, the repaving project undertaken after the July 4 holiday is set to be completed by the original target date at the end of October.

Crews began construction on the area of I-88 between Rochelle and Sugar Grove during the summer. They scrape two-to-three inches of asphalt off the freeway in order to place a new layer of asphalt consisting of a construction fabric, which the tollway hopes will prevent the type of widespread damage that occurred last winter.

“We have not experienced those kinds of road conditions anywhere else in our road system,” Illinois Tollway Press Secretary Joelle McGinnis said, referring to last year’s road conditions. “The road was deteriorating faster than we could repair it.”

New construction lanes will go into effect today. Traffic headed eastbound between DeKalb and Sugar Grove will travel on the inside lane between mile markers 100.6 and 113.5, with construction taking place in the outside lane. Westbound traffic will head on the outside lane between mile markers 108.5 and 96.5

Traffic from Rochelle to DeKalb, which was temporarily opened to all four lanes over the Labor Day holiday, will have traffic flow on the inside lanes both eastbound between mile markers 83.5 and 91, and westbound between mile markers 83.5 and 76.

I-88 is one of the youngest roadways in the toll road system. McGinnis said, most of the tollway was established in 1958, while I-88 between Aurora and Route 30, outside of Sterling, was built in 1971.