Meal plan eats up stores’ business

By Linda Luk

The new residence hall dining plan may mean more business for the dining facilities, but the snack shops are suffering a loss.

This year, students living in the residence halls have three different meal plan options: $50, $75 or $100 per week—but those dollars can’t be spent at Neptune’s Trident, Stevenson’s Corner or Lincoln’s Annex.

“This new plan may not be very favorable to students,” said residential dining director Ralph Chaplin. “However, it allowed the administration not to have a room and board increase, which may be good for the students.”

The Trident, the Corner and the Annex no longer accept Dining Dollars but they do take Huskie Bucks. Business has decreased compared to last year, but it was anticipated, Chaplin


“The store slowed down a lot compared to last year, but we still have some customers,” said Renee Depoortei, assistant student manager of the Trident. “We have also cut down our staff a little bit but not too much.”

The residence hall dining facilities, however, have seen a substantial rise in business. Chaplin estimates that each of the dining halls are 25 percent busier than last year.

“I do eat at the cafeteria most of the time,” said Tara Hubbard, a freshman undecided major. “I spent over $40 last week, and I’ve used quite a bit of Huskie Bucks at the stores.”

In addition to Dining Dollars, the new meal plan allows students the choice of including Huskie Bucks as part of their plan. This way, Huskie Bucks, which are accepted not only in the stores, but also at other places, such as McDonald’s.