Students clear out of dorms

By Linda Luk

When students check out of the residence halls this week, one thing is certain — they can’t ignore the microfridge or they might be fined.

Students living in the residence halls have seen posters on their floors and fliers in their mailboxes informing them of how to check out of the residence halls properly and avoid unnecessary charges. To check out properly, students should clean their rooms and clean and defrost the microfridge but not unplug it.

“It’s very important to defrost the microfridge,” said Linda Tillis, associate director of facilities in the office of Student Housing and Dining Services. “The microfridge is an expensive item, and we are very picky about it. The janitors don’t have time to clean them because they have to get the rooms ready for summer school.”

The microfridges, which are in every room in the residence halls, were a large investment made by the university. Tillis said they are very popular among the students and NIU wanted to keep them in good condition so students can continue enjoying them.

Students should also empty the trash, make sure all the furniture is accounted for, pack up their belongings and make sure the NIU phone is hooked up.

“Many students may have disconnected their phone and switched it to a cordless,” said Rogene Montgomery, supervisor of the Fix-It-Line. “Students should make sure the NIU phone is attached and working.”

Students who do not check out properly will be fined accordingly. Students also may be fined if there are any damages in their room such as a missing smoke detector, missing chairs or damage on the wall surface.

“The most common charges are not defrosting the microfridge, leaving the room dirty and not returning the telephone,” Tillis said.

Students need to be checked out of the residence halls by 10 a.m. Saturday, May 12, with an exception for students graduating or residence under the summer contracts. There are two methods for students to check out of the residence halls. The first one is with the community adviser that is on the floor. The CA will inspect the room and check for damages and assess the necessary fines.

“Students should make an appointment with the CA as soon as they know when they are leaving,” said Tillis.

The second way to check out is through the Huskie Express. Students may place the key to their room in the Huskie Express envelope and take it to the main desk, where the staff will sign the envelope and secure the key. An inspection team will go through the rooms after students leave and assess for damages in the rooms.

“No matter which way students check out, students are responsible to use the Huskie Express envelope to return the key,” said Tillis. “If the key is not returned, students will be charged to make core changes in the room which range from about $150 plus, depending on their residence hall.”

Before leaving the residence halls, students should also double check if anything is left behind in the closets or drawers.

“If students left anything, they should call the fix-it line,” said Montgomery. “The inspection team will bag up any items left behind and keep it for about a month. We can’t guarantee that the item may be there.”

Students should also go to front desk if their mail needs to be forwarded to a different address other than the home address on their school records. Any charges will be sent to the Bursars office. Unpaid fines will result to not being able to register in the fall.