Braun will not be Revels in four

Senator-elect Carol Moseley Braun is in and it’s about time. Braun is only the second African-American to serve as a U.S. Senator and the first African-American woman to serve in the Senate.

Braun surged to victory over Republican Rich Williamson on her own merit and nothing should take away from that, yet the novelty of her election is something to reflect on and be proud of.

The last time an African-American served in the Senate was in 1870 when Hiram R. Revels was elected by the Mississippi State Senate to replace Jefferson Davis before he became president of the confederacy. Revels was nominated 122 years ago.

Let’s hope Braun is not such a novelty four years from now as Revels was 122 years ago. It was encouraging to see that one out of every two white voters voted for Braun. It’s a credit to her political ability.

Here’s hoping that Braun turns out to be the stateswoman Illinois is hoping for, and that more diversity in the Senate is to follow.