The sign thief

Three times someone has removed the sign supporting Carol Moseley Braun for the United States Senate from my front yard. The vandal had to be someone with a Nazi or Klan mentality to be so filled with hate as to tear the sign up the last time and throw it in the street! About a month ago, I sent a check for $50 to the Braun campaign. Last week, I received a plea for more money for Ms. Braun to counteract the sleazy campaign of her rich opponent. Since I had already given much more than I usually do for a political campaign, I decided not to respond. Now, since I cannot keep a sign in my front yard because of the actions of this criminal, today I sent another $50 to the Braun campaign. So his actions have succeeded only in helping Carol’s campaign. I hope he reads this!

Chicago’s Channel 5 should be condemned for its blatant attempt to defeat this progressive woman by digging up what they state, without proof, is an illegal use of money received by her mother who is approaching 80 years and is in a nursing home. This is an obvious attempt to bolster the sagging campaign of her wealthy opponent, who gained his wealth working in the interests of the huge transitional corporations who have contributed so much to the depth of the worst depression in sixty years by exporting jobs to Mexico where they can gain super profits by paying wages one-tenth or less than what is payed American workers whom they throw out on the unemployment lines. His platform, except for a few meaningless generalities, supports the failed policies of the present administration which have gotten us into this mess. Channel 5 says nothing about the corruption of several of the Bush sons which have cost us taxpayers (mostly middle and working people) billions of dollars to bail out the savings and loans and other illegal uses of tax money.

Carol has a record of some ten years in the Illinois Legislature working in the interests of working class people in the state and has a strong record in support of education. She deserves our strong support!

Allen Weaver

Professor of Physics, Emeritus