There’s a plan

For the second time in less than a week, the editorial staff of The Northern Star has decided to slander Ross Perot. The editorial staff apparently believes that Perot is a rich, eccentric egomaniac who would be no good for the country. The staff is entitled to its own opinion; however, they are not entitled to lie and misrepresent the truth. Why do you keep insisting that Perot has no plan? Please don’t tell me you’re that uninformed! Go to the bookstore (I know you go there very rarely, but try it just this once) and ask for a book called United We Stand. This book is by Perot and it outlines his platform. You have heard of this, haven’t you?

Please stop calling Perot supporters naive. His supporters are tired of the current two-party system that we are mired in. He is not a politician and that is a big part of his appeal. He knows how to get things done, unlike most presidential candidates who simply give every issue lip service.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe Perot isn’t trying to be judge and jury but rather is trying to get both Clinton and Bush to talk about the issues? Instead of talking about family values, Murphy Brown, who can spell potato, who dodged the draft, who is more like Truman and Iran-Contra, could we maybe talk about real issues? Issues like the deficit, the budget and jobs should be discussed. The federal government currently spends all the taxes collected west of the Mississippi River on one thing: interest on the deficit. Neither the Republican president or the Democratic Congress has submitted a balanced budget in years. Perot has a plan to eliminate the deficit in five years and make balanced budgets the norm, not the exception. Bush has a vague plan that would do little to reduce the deficit. In four years he has never proposed a balanced budget. Clinton has a plan to “invest,” another word for spend. The American people deserve more. That is why Perot refuses to leave.

Christopher Lee Friedman