Editorial: Our recommitment to diversifying our newsroom


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We have not lived up to the commitment we made to amplify Black voices. The Northern Star Editorial Board owns up to that failure, and recommits to amplifying Black voices and diversifying our newsroom.

In June 2020, the Northern Star Editorial Board wrote an editorial about how we planned to amplify Black voices in the wake of the homicide of George Floyd. Since then, we have not lived up to that commitment, and as the Northern Star Editorial Board, we would like to be transparent and own up to that, as well as recommit to amplifying Black voices and diversifying ourselves as an organization. 

We understand that as an audience, it may seem hard to believe we will do what we say this time. However, unlike last time, we have solutions and acts already in place to make sure it happens. 

Beginning this month, we will have Black guest columnists share their story of being Black in America through our forum. Each section will write  weekly features for Black history month, such as stories on Black artists and athletes. We also have been actively trying to recruit more Black staffers by reaching out to other campus organizations and asking for applicants. 

Now you may be thinking, what about when Black History Month is over? Our efforts will not stop at the end of the month. We will continue to feature guest columnists and encourage coverage in every section more consistently. 

We are also reaching out to organizations in the community who represent the Black community and look over opportunities to build relationships with them. This will also involve covering more events with these organizations. 

This change is something we intend to constantly be working towards, and we know it is immensely important. 

Last year, we did not live up to our commitment but we promise to do better this time. 

We also would like to welcome you to share feedback on what we could be doing to amplify Black voices even further. Please help us so we can represent our community in the most accurate way possible. 

As a staff, we are taking these changes very seriously and want to make a lasting effort on the Star. We hope you take our transparency and commitment to heart. 

The Northern Star Editorial Board is recommitting to amplifying the voices of the Black community this month and every month after that.