New SA gives students hope

It’s time again for the Student Association senate election and while the seemingly revitalized SA Executive Board can always hope for an improvement, it isn’t likely.

If NIU students ever hope to see a change, they had better vote today and tomorrow.

Students have gained quite a reputation for being apathetic when it comes to voting in SA elections. Of course, the track record of past SA governments are less than admirable. The SA is infamous for being filled with ill-informed, frequently-absent, backstabbing do-nothings.

However, this year’s SA Executive Board has given the students reason to hope, if not reason to vote. SA President Paul Middleton says he will make the SA work for the students and SA Vice President Anastasia Criscione is attempting to institute professionalism.

Students should vote in the elections to give Middleton a chance to create a government which will do what he says it will—that would be a kicker.