Racist America

ACISM and DISCRIMINATION were the founders of this country, Caryn Rosenburg. This is a known fact. Since the beginning of time someone has been discriminated against. Anyone can go back in history and note the largest number of people that have been discriminated against are MINORITIES. To make it fair, I will not even dwell on the past. (It has been said that the past repeats itself.)

Even in today’s society, Caryn, minorities are still being discriminated against. People are losing jobs just because of their sexual preference! Do you think that this is equal opportunity, my dear? Everyday people are kicked to the back of the job market because of the color of their skin or their particular race, not the height of their qualifications. Even being a women, do you think the job market looks at you equal to a man? Even though you are part of a majority group, part of you is a minority because you are a WOMAN! (I think that you are only looking skin deep.)

I think that you should really rethink your thoughts about affirmative action. This policy was brought about to protect and not neglect. So I am here to correct you because definitely your article needs to be corrected.

You may not be black, jewish or gay (etc.), but you are a woman and you will find out how it feels to be discriminated against in the job market one day. When you find out, I do not think your thoughts will ever be the same!

Angela Lockett