Men’s issues

I extend the most hearty of “thank-you’s” to all those who participated in the First Northern Illinois Forum on Father’s Rights and Men’s Issues. To each and every individual and business concern contributing to this most successful, enriching experience, I salute you on behalf of the Illinois Institute for Fathers and Children Together Successfully, Inc. As a pro-child, fathering education service, we were extremely impressed with our visitors and presenters, alike! It was history in the making. It was so exciting and stimulating to be with such caring and concerned men and women from five different states, meeting right here in DeKalb last Saturday!

They were here exploring issues, concerns, plans, strategies, options and opportunities in areas that affect each and every one of us … somehow, someday. Some of the topics of discussion included domestic violence, custody, visitation, rights of unwed teens, the parental alienation syndrome, orders of protection, court involvement, and parenting programs. Parenting equals prevention! All speakers, including our DeKalb County State’s Attorney, gave generously of their time, answered some tough questions, and were very patient in the exploration and sharing of ideas!

Special thanks to Mr. Mike Coghlan for his continued accessibility, encouragement, and support of those seeking equal rights for all members of our communities. Especially gratifying to witness during our sessions was the absence of any group “gender bashing” anyone else, but, rather, the concentration of the participants in exploring how to deal with the courts, social service agencies, and the “system.”

We worked on ways to cooperate and coordinate services in the best interest of all parties concerned. Great material! And much new legal information of interest! For those who could not attend we have all kinds of “stuff” for your perusal. And, equally important, news about next year’s Second Annual Forum, to be held at Northern Illinois University, April 23 and 24, 1993. Yes! Two days of intensive (but fun) workshops in the areas of legal, parenting, community, and divorce education with emphasis on the above mentioned topics. Again, thanks to all and we invite you and/or your families to call or stop by anytime! We are here to help…(815)748-3237.

David C. Bruer

Executive Director

Illinois Institute

for Fathers/Children