Fight ignorance

There are some unbelievably stupid problems in the world. I’ve heard so much about racial tension and homophobia while I’ve been at NIU, I find it hard to believe that so many people can devote so much energy toward attacking various groups, solely on the basis of skin tone or sexual preference, without ever knowing the individuals that make up that group.

A wise letter once read, we “need to adopt a positive attitude towards respecting what people are as human beings…” (Mark Nichani, 4-27-92). Here are the markings of a wonderful philosophy. EVERYONE deserves respect. Everyone has in them the potential to be a decent, respectable, caring individual. Sure, I’ve met some rude, ignorant people, and the easy thing for us to do is blame it on their race, etc. But I’ve also met some very kind, decent people belonging to the same “groups.” My point is everyone is different in millions of ways and for us to judge them because of one thing is beyond stupidity.

Keith Berkhout has had at least two letters published to vocalize his feelings and opinions. Both of them happen to be hate-filled attacks against a group of people I honestly can’t believe he knows personally. Yet, he professes to be a Christian. I have been to a Christian college and have been very involved with bible studies, church, etc. I am very familiar with the teachings of Christ, and I have seen none of the love and compassion in Berkhout’s feelings. It is more a self-glorifying and congratulating letter to everyone who hates gays. How can one possibly equate homosexuals to child molesters, serial killers, etc., twice?

He says homosexuality is a choice one makes and people aren’t “born that way.” Keith, do you honestly know this? I don’t. And I won’t accept anyone’s opinion as fact. I don’t believe a true follower of Christ would devote so much to the oppression of others.

Couldn’t we just start respecting others? If we have any fears or apprehension about other humans, just get to know them. We all have biological, cultural, racial and religious differences that make the world a wonderfully diverse place. But we are all human. We all have likes and dislikes. We all can love, and we all can hate. Please, stop prejudging and oppressing what we are ignorant of. Let’s give individuals the benefit of the doubt and begin respecting one another. Things could change.

Christopher Ness


Art Education