Veteran’s view

I am writing this letter in reply to the “investigation” done by Brian Slupski about the Veterans Assistance Office. I feel that our side of the story should be told.

First of all, it is hard for this office to do certifications on people when they do not turn in their program card. This program card must be filled out each semester that the veteran is enrolled for classes. On the program card under Instructions, it states, and I quote, “This card must be completed for each school term and returned to the Veterans Affairs Area of the Financial Aid Office. You will not receive your Veterans Educational Benefits unless this information is received.”

I understand that there have been problems this semester with a few cases in which the Chicago VA office lost the paperwork we sent them. I personally called in a complaint to the Chicago office yesterday. Also, I have been given permission to send our mail certified to Chicago again.

Believe me when I say that we are not passing judgement on anyone, or treating them as “second-class citizens.” I am a veteran of the Army and of Desert Storm myself; I know how the Army works, and I, as well as the other two counselors here, are doing our best to help our fellow veterans receive their benefits.

Kevin Mereness


Industrial Tech