Poor view

This letter is addressed to Andrew Krenke on his view of the black community.

Before I get started, I would like to say that as an African-American in this society, I fail to see any lighthearted humor in any skit done in blackface.

So, Andy, you were attacked for the color of your skin, huh? You thought it was scary, huh? Too bad poor little Andy can’t live more than one incident of his life as a minority.

FIRST, “we must solve anything.” Well Andy, (You don’t mind if I call you Andy, do you?) seems I remember a great man (two of them actually) once felt that same way. Can you guess who it was? Hint: Instead of a replica of the man himself, too much of my money is invested in two inverted solo water cups. But, that’s another story.

Getting back to the violence thing, I must compliment you (the white community) on being less united and organized to react to violence than us blacks. I also would like to thank you for getting us worked up in the first place. By the way, would you happen to know anything about the beautiful “No Niggers” art work in the snow outside of Grant North after the last weekend of snow?

SECOND, we (the black community) are graduating—shocking isn’t it?! Too bad you didn’t notice.

As for your comment on us having fun and entertainment, did you think that maybe some people did enjoy Minister Farrakhan? Maybe even a few white people. Perhaps you should have gone to see him yourself and then decided whether to call him prejudice or not. Question: Is it not okay for us to have a “three-ring circus of rap concerts,” (incidentally, if you could name a few, I’d be very grateful) but just dandy for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Naked Raygun to scream all they want? You tell me Andy.

THIRD, you say it’s time for the leaders to grab the reigns and steer their organizations back on course, huh? Well, Andy, get with it. Reigns went out of style years ago.

Jennifer C. Reed


Pre-Physical Therapy