Majority rule

I would like to congratulate everyone who wore black clothing during Heterosexual Awareness Day to protest “Gay Awareness Week.” However, I also knew there would be those who would try to “enlighten” us to our “crime.” I would now like to respond.

A) “This campus is ignorant.” NO! Everyone reading this article knows what gays do when they get “romantic,” and it’s nothing admirable. What’s more, we are KNOWLEDGEABLE of the Bible, decent values, and our OWN personal standards.

B) “This campus is insensitive.” NO! This campus is SENSITIVE to the environment, Bob Jordan, animals, etc. Respecting sexual perverts is not the requirement for “sensitivity.”

C) “We have no right to judge gays.” WRONG! We have EVERY right to judge them. Surrendering our right to judge means becoming “open-minded” zombies who will accept anything liberals tell us.

D) “This campus is prejudiced against gays.” Prejudice is such an ugly word which invokes racial overtones, and in this respect I don’t care for it. But in the case of gays, fine, use the word. Of course, that would mean the silent majority of this campus is also “prejudiced” against child molesters, axe murderers, drug dealers, etc.

E) Ms. Patricia Benson says I “give Christians a bad name.” Really? Since when is following the Bible “bad” for Christians? You claim that Christians follow the New Testament these days (like you’d know). Fine! Read Corinthians 6:10 and Romans 1:26,27. They will say that homosexuality is a sin as well! Another of your “points” is that most gays “can’t help it.” Even if that were true, it wouldn’t justify them any more than a serial killer who was “born that way.” And my “solution” to gays is to drive them back into the closet where they belong. But I do not advocate violence against them. And even if 10 percent of mankind is gay, that still leaves 90 percent as decent, respectable human beings. While it is true that many people have different religions, homosexuality is condemned in most of them as well. I must say, Ms. Benson, that I resent being compared to Hitler because I am following God’s laws. That is an insult to all Christians! And I never, ever suggested I was “equal to God.”

My suggestion to you is to READ THE BIBLE and THINK before you start comparing people to Hitler!

If anyone deserves a recognition week on this campus, it should be the Veterans and ROTC. We owe so much to these people who are willing to die for our country. It’s sad to see gays given more recognition than the heroes and heroines among us. To the Veterans reading this, I’d like to say “thank you.”

Once again, I would like to congratulate the so-called “apathetic, ignorant, homophobic” silent majority of this campus. We have shown that we DO care and we WILL unite to become the most powerful force on campus, contrary to what Ms. “anyone who doesn’t support gays is a Nazi” Benson and other liberals think.

Keith T. Berkhout


Computer Science