Divine power

I am responding to a letter printed on March 27 from a Stace Carter. Ms. Carter practiced her freedom, as I do now, to voice her opinion on a woman’s right to abort. She made the claim that, “…‘God’ isn’t helping as many of us make our decisions anymore …” What I would like to say to Ms. Carter is that she should not have thrown out such a powerful statement because apparently she knows little about the power of God. I know from experience that God does work in the lives of those who call on Him and truly trust in Him. We often send up our lists of requests to the Lord and hope that He is the “Good Fairy” that takes all of our problems away. The truth is that it takes much more than just asking.

When addressing a subject like abortion, one cannot ask God to make a decision for oneself. Do you think God would hesitate to answer the plea, “Should I kill this child I have mistakenly conceived?” God gave us guidelines for living; rules that are for our own good so that we can live the best lives possible. He also gave us freewill so that we would have that freedom of choice to which Ms. Carter refers—the freedom to sin. Knowing the difference between right and wrong, a concept which seems almost inborn and is definitely nurtured through mere existence, brings forth the awareness of the consequences that accompany sin. We all will pay for the mistakes we have made at some time. Those women who choose to abort their babies have made a choice to sin and will all have to answer to God personally for repentance, in the same way that I will have to repent for my daily mistakes and consciously committed sins. I cannot condemn women for committing the sin of abortion because I am not perfect either, but there is more to this than just sinning. Innocent children’s lives are being taken, and that is unfair because these children are suffering the consequences for their parents’ sins.

I am not qualified to make any choices for Ms. Carter nor anyone else, but in admitting this, I also know that I cannot make the choice of life or death for any unborn babies that will ever be conceived; mine or otherwise. Nobody can make that decision except for that child and the One who created personhood.

Don’t knock God until you get your facts straight. Sure, maybe I let God dictate my life, but then again, I owe Him my existence and I have seen Him working in my life. I still believe in miracles—for example, the miracle of life. If we keep allowing people to kill off God’s miracles, our society will continue to breakdown in faith, hope and love … and population.

Elizabeth Gifford