Morally wrong

As a moral, rational student of higher education, I am finding it increasingly difficult to sit back and listen to gay activists and civil rights groups cram their twisted views of morality down my throat. Homosexuals do not deserve protection from discrimination any more than individuals belonging to any other perverse subculture. If we protect homosexuals from discrimination, wouldn’t it follow then that we should also protect those with panty fetishes, bondage enthusiasts and coprophiles (those who derive sexual arousal from human excrement)? There is a difference between minorities who are discriminated against because of their origin of birth and people who experience bias because of their immoral lifestyles.

It is interesting to note that until recent years, psychology manuals deemed homosexual behavior as deviant and ranked it as a psychological disorder. The change made to remove this behavior from its lists of disorders came, not as a result of contradictory scientific findings, but under pressure from gay lobbyists.

Homosexuality is undeniably deviant, and I am happy to say that it is not coming into the acceptance of mainstream America. Need I point at the fact that the GLU’s annual Jeans Day flop is greeted by hoards of students clad in sweatpants?

As Americans, we are free to pursue any lifestyle we choose, but, as moral rational beings, we must condemn the wholesale acceptance of immoral and deviant behavior.

Derek Unnasch