Crime increase calls for action

Whatever happened to the days when people could feel safe in America?

According to a Justice Department survey of crime victims released Sunday, there was a 59 percent surge in rapes and a substantial increase in assaults last year. Including attempted violent crimes, the total was 6.4 million last year, up 7 percent from six million in 1990.

This dramatic climb should send a clear signal that something is wrong in our society when violent crimes such as rape and assaults grow. It’s even more frightening to realize most crimes of this nature go unreported.

Law enforcement officials should try to nip this problem in the bud now and look at ways to reduce this alarming trend before it gets too out of hand. Of course, it’s not their fault, but where can we start?

Happily, it was refreshing to see there was no looting or violence during the recent Chicago flood. When people behave themselves during opportunities for misbehaving, there is hope.