Errors clarified

A couple of misprints and one omission from my guest column of Wednesday, April 15 that need correcting. My concern is not with simple typos but changes to the copy that are misleading. Please note that the budget for the current academic year is under $300,000. That error is a combined one: both mine and the Star’s. Reviewing what I submitted, I can see why it was interpreted as $30,000. As many times as it was proofread, we all failed to see the missing zero. The copy submitted to the Star read $300,00.” So it was interpreted that the comma was in the wrong place, rather than that a zero was omitted.

There are “doubtless a number of factors that led to this decision,” not “a doubtless number.” And the Executive Board mentioned as a source for appeal is part of the American Library Association. The Library Association is in Great Britain. Thank you for printing our column and for the corrections.

Patricia Cannon


Library & Information Studies