Wear black

Some people think God permits homosexuality. To those who think this, I ask you to refer to Leviticus 18:22. It states “Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin.” Hmm, little wonder why most Americans don’t respect the gay “lifestyle.” They choose to believe the word of God, not the gays. But maybe we in the moral majority are wrong. After all, what does God know?

Over two hundred years ago, our country was founded on strong, Christian values, the ones liberals snicker at today. These days our country is falling apart. It couldn’t be because religion is illegal in public schools, 4,000 American babies are murdered or “aborted” everyday, sex and violence fill the liberal controlled media, and gays are being legitimized by “protective” laws. It makes you wonder.

The Gay Lesbian Union and other politically-correct zombies can scream all they want about “homophobia.” But in my opinion, that is a stupid word. Homophobia means “fear of homosexuals.” Most people are not afraid of them, rather we just don’t like them.

Before I finish, I must congratulate the gays on their brilliant idea of “Clothes Day.” Not only does it show the mentality of these people, it also denies the vast, silent majority of this campus the right to express our views. You people thought you could silence our opposition. Wrong!

I would like to declare this Friday, April 10, as “Heterosexual Awareness Day.” I ask all decent students who have chosen the moral lifestyle of heterosexuality to wear black clothing as a protest to this “Gay Awareness Week.” We’ll show the “gay community” that we are aware and that we can decide for OURSELVES what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Keith T. Berkhout

Computer Science