Poor taste

This letter goes out to all those who participated in Friday’s protest which made the racial tension here at NIU even worse than it has already been.

Gee, why don’t you people pour some more salt on open wounds?! It’s bad enough this campus is known for the racial tension existing between blacks and whites—but you just had to go out and find something else to complain about. Will this ever end? No, I don’t think so. Well, people, it’s got to stop somewhere. It takes two to tango and if only one side is willing to dance, things will never change!

Not to mention the fact that I look forward to getting up and reading The Northern Star, that I‘VE PAID FOR IN MY STUDENT FEES! WHO ARE YOU TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME?! I like reading the Star because it fills me in on the campus news, not because it rips on the blacks! Get freakin’ real! If you despise the Star that much—then here’s a concept: DON‘T READ IT! But, don’t be as ignorant to deny us that!

Just because you’re black, yellow or aquamarine for that matter, doesn’t mean you can keep using your color as an excuse for being treated unequal. If a person was stabbed on our campus then I for one would like to know about it, regardless of the color of the people involved. I think we as students attending NIU have every right to know what is happening on our campus—especially something tragic!

What happened Friday was done in poor taste—but I don’t think many of us were surprised!

Vinita Bhojwani