Allow choice

To Elizabeth Gifford who wrote a letter on April 7, 1992: We believe in God, but we don’t believe that a woman should be condemned to carrying a child she does not want. We would rather have a dead baby over an unloved child. But one may say this: Give the child up for adoption. Fine, if you think that is the right CHOICE for you. We personally could not see ourselves keeping an unwanted child.

We believe we, as women, should have a choice. We also believe that women who are raped and become pregnant should be allowed the choice to get an abortion. A woman should not be punished for something that was not her fault. For nine months (really for the rest of her life), a woman would be punished harder than the rapist.

If Roe vs. Wade was reversed, the number of illegal abortions would significantly increase, and the rate of deaths for women would visibly increase. We guess Miss Gifford does not care if someone she knows dies, but as long as someone who is not even born yet lives, everything is all right.

We believe that different levels of sin exist. If we were to agree with you that abortion is a sin, we would not compare it to petty daily mistakes. Elizabeth even says, “Sure, maybe I let God dictate my life, but then again I owe Him my existence…” There’s more to God than just believing in Him: Devoting one’s life to God does not assure that all sins will be repented. There is more than just faith—a true believer must fall under the grace of God and perform HUMBLE works for God, such as helping others and doing charity work. According to the Bible, it is sinful to ignore anyone of faith, grace of God, or the works of God. So Elizabeth, stop worrying about other people’s sins and just be concerned about your sins.

One last point: Have you looked lately at the estimated number of people on this Earth? It’s 5.3 billion and steadily increasing. Do you honestly believe a breakdown in the population will occur? NOT!! Our planet has already passed its capacity, and soon Mother Earth will need her own abortion.

Joanne Scukanec



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