No action

I am writing this in response to the recent uprising of racial tension on campus. The biggest problem I see is that there is a lot of talk but no action. If we want racial tension to be abolished, we must take action. By taking action I mean, WE must work together. It says in the scriptures, “All men were created equal?” Shouldn’t this be a logical base to work with?

I’ve always believed that what happened in the past is over and done with, it cannot be changed, so why try? Why don’t we use the present and the future to develop more communication and equality, instead of wasting time and energy heckling each other’s faults.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for your rights or speak your opinions but do it in a productive and positive way, instead of a negative way that brings up more problems. I think everyone should voice their opinions, but not in a way that causes more problems than it started with. Personally, I think we can get our points across better in a non-biased way, rather than a segregated way that only causes more anger. Working together is very easy if we could just put our minds TOGETHER and use them.

Thomas M. Czuprynski

English Secondary Education