Answers needed

Every day I kick back and read this editorial section and see some kind of letter on the subject of racial tension on campus. Every day (with a few exceptions) I am bombarded with a string of name-calling and finger-pointing letters, each one either calling me a racist or denying the facts altogether.

True we do have a problem on campus. We’ve established that a million times over, but what good does it do to point US out as racist or to say that YOU are tired of US! Finger-pointing and name-calling gets us nowhere (if it doesn’t throw us back a step or two). What we need is solutions.

Write in on your ideas on how to stop the problem. Anything helps as long as it proposes a solution. Only by working TOGETHER and putting aside our differences can we bring an end to the problem. So stop all the name-calling and finger-pointing and start coming up with answers.

Jared Lighthart