Humanity’s concern

Thank you Mr. Brian Price for responding to my letter of March 19 regarding life, love and hope for the future. Instead of solutions though, you only attack the pro-life position. Arguments against the viability of a human life in the womb are not surprising. People that endorse the slaughter of other people will resort to any means to convince themselves of their position. “I was just following orders” comes to mind. You accuse anti-abortionists of “using emotionalism,” and I say that emotions are the outcome of the reality of an actual abortion.

We believe a human life has ended in the abortion procedure and find it difficult to NOT feel emotion. You do not have that problem because all you see is something you so callously compared to a rodent. We see a child, a unique created being. Like so many others you have insulated yourself from the grim reality of abortion: the blood, guts, brains and broken body parts. You deal in rhetoric while we deal in reality.

You think we do not care about the women who get or think they need abortions, when in fact, we care passionately for them. Most women have no idea about what their abortion will entail because they are not told. Abortions are not shown on public television (like other “common” surgeries) because no one wants to see them. Abortion is a money making BUSINESS and cares little for the women who get them. In this age of technology and medical breakthroughs, most of the population buries its collective head to avoid this issue. Women are not being shown pictures or films of abortions before having one themselves because the abortionists know that their profits would go down. Not as many would consent after seeing a three-month-old child jumping away in the womb from the suction curette as it seeks to rip it apart. If this is emotional, then so be it. Views like your own, Mr. Price, perpetuate what the abortionists want you to think. Though I may not convince you, I do challenge you to find out what a child in the womb at 3 months is REALLY like and capable of. The film, “The Silent Scream” or maybe just a book on fetal development would be good places to start. I also commend you for speaking out on this issue because it is all of humanity’s concern, not just women.

Alison Joy Vorreyer

History Major

Art Minor