Still shafted

I’m real happy to know that the elevators in my building are now fixed as I walk the 24 flights (two per story) of stairs to my floor for yet one more time this semester. The NIU Physical Plant is partially correct in reporting thus. The elevators in Grant South “A” tower are fixed about every other day, usually between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. The South car is okay most of the time on the trip up, but usually on the trip down has the most unnerving habit of stopping three feet about the floor level. When this happens, passengers must open the doors manually and jump out. The North car generally just gets stuck on three or six and sometimes nine depending on whether or not the moon is full or only first quarter.

I’m glad the world is so much safer now for us room-and-board-paying dorm dwellers. Have you ever heard of anyone getting stuck in the stairwell? If you ask me, we’re still getting the shaft.

James Nerstheimer