Logic needed

Although some time has passed since that “dreaded Star bashing and tearing incident,” I feel that it is time for the cool heads of logic to analyze a situation which had been subject to emotionally-dominated thinking and take a look at the big picture.

One main point of dispute is that the Star has been insensitive, and as some have claimed, even racist, in its coverage of minorities.

Now as a minority student, I beg to differ.

The paper’s job is to report the news, plain and simple.

And to go on the premise that the Star should not have printed the articles which covered alleged black on white violence is simply ridiculous.

Had these attacks been a series of white on black violence, those who accuse the Star of racism would be singing songs of praise at the Star’s diligent and attentive reporting.

And if they didn’t, there would be the usual unsubstantiated cries of conspiracy and cover-up.

So instead of addressing the issues of campus security and so-called racial tensions on campus, which are the real issues, some have found it much easier to blame the newspaper, thereby applying the “kill the messenger” standard.

I am willing to take bets that any future quests to burn down the newspaper will be quite futile.

So what’s to be done, you are probably saying to yourself?

Although it may sound trite, meaningful dialogue between serious people is the best solution.

And I will offer this advice for those who wish to engage in such dialogue.

I was told at a very early age, “that no matter what you do you won’t be able to please everyone, so don’t even bother.”

Therefore, there will always be some demagogues giving speeches whether they begin with “My Nubian brothers and sisters…” or “I don’t want those people spray painting the walls…”

So ignore them.

Secondly, to suburban whites: Many blacks, regardless of whatever progress has been made, are still very frustrated and suspicious of the “system,” some with good reason.

To blacks: Not every white who disagrees with a “black issue” goes home at night and rips their sheet off the bed and turns into “David Duke.”

And if you constantly call people, who are neither for you nor against you, racist, you’re bound to get some backlash sooner or later.

Follow that advice, good luck, and you just might make some progress.

Abdul Hakim Shabazz