No authority

I am responding to the April 7 letter from Elizabeth Gifford. Ms. Gifford, I believe it is you who should not throw out such powerful statements such as “a woman’s freedom to sin” in regards to abortion.

Who died and gave you the power to decide what is actually freedom of choice and the so-called “freedom to sin.” Possessing a strong belief in God and your religion does not make you an authority figure on the subject of life.

Many women who decide to have an abortion, which you stated was their choice, do not view their actions as an act of killing, as you also stated. I am also quite sure that these women have thought of the consequences of their actions, otherwise they would not have made the conscious decision to have an abortion. It is very easy for people sitting on the sidelines to pass judgment on others without possessing all the facts.

There are many compelling reasons why a woman decides to have an abortion, such as a pregnancy occurring due to rape or a pregnancy that jeopardizes the life of the pregnant woman. Regardless of the reasons a woman decides to have an abortion, if this is her choice, she should have access to the resources to do so.

Making the decision to have an abortion is difficult enough without the added pressure of having others, who are unaware of all the factors involved, preaching the so-called “Word of God.”

As you stated in your letter, these women will have to answer to God. Therefore, they should not have to answer to you and others that share your opinion who feel the constant need to air it where it is not needed nor wanted.

L. King